2019 NFL Mock Draft

  1. Arizona Cardinals: Quinnen Willams DL (Alabama): Williams was a top prospect prior to the combine and only helped his stock once he worked out. He weighed in at 303 pounds and ran an athletic 4.83 40-yard dash. The sophomore had 8 sacks last season and was the beef of the Alabama D-Line in 2018-19. If the Cards end up holding onto this pick Williams would be a safe pick to kick off their new campaign.
(USA Today)

2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa DL (Ohio State): The 9ers could go in a few different directions with this pick including trading down. But if they remain at #2, Bosa would be a great prize. He had been apple of draft nerds eyes since the 2018 draft ended last year. He is the coveted brother of Joey, and unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of he or either of them last season. But…Nick had 8.5 sacks in 2017 and 4 in his three games of 2018. The addition of Bosa could be the final piece in forming an elite position group on their defensive line.


3. New York Jets: D.K. Metcalf WR (Ole Miss): The Jets finally seem to have found their franchise Quarterback in Darnold. Darnold looks the part so far, but he is in need of a go-to-guy. Metcalf absolutely killed the combine (4.3 speed, 27 reps, 40.5 vert), and he passes any eye test. Unfortunately, due to injuries, we haven’t been able to see much of him in game action. In 2018 he only played in seven total games. In that seven game span he had over 90+ yards in 4, and 5 total touchdowns. But in addition he only had 5+ catches in 1 game, and a total of 5 catches in his two games vs. Alabama and LSU. At 6’3 and 228 pounds he boasts “top target” qualities, so New York will hope to bring that out of him.


4.Oakland Raiders: Josh Allen EDGE (Kentucky): Oakland has more than a few glaring holes on this roster. But I don’t think there are many other players in this draft like Josh Allen. Allen seems like the type of player that can make an instant impact. Having an effective EDGE rusher impacts many different areas on the defensive side. Especially in a division that features Mahomes and Rivers pressuring the QB is an essential part of keeping games close out west. Allen had 31 sacks in his three collegiate seasons at Kentucky (17 in 2018), and forced 5 fumbles just last year. He is on the higher end of 6’4, weighs 262 and runs a sub 4.7 . The Raiders would be delighted to find him around at #4 and should consider themskleves very fortunate.



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